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Yiinitializr is a project template generator for the Yii Framework to help you JUMPSTART any new project. It generates clean customizable boilerplate templates that are just what you need to begin your project off right and with the extensions that you need to accelerate your setup and launch time to the max!

1 - Templates

2 - Extensions

Search for the packages (you do know packagist.org, right?) you wish to install together with the Yii boilerplate template you chose. Yiinitializr makes it real easy for you... just search for the package you want, and select it by clicking on the "".

Heads up! #1 All packages work with YiiStrap (docs are coming) and YiiWheels (yes, docs are coming) by default. You can remove them from your composer.json file and on your project configuration files, if you think they are not needed.

Selected Extensions

Heads up! #2 All packages will be set by default to "dev-master", if you wish to change to a different version, please follow Composer instructions after download, or you can always click on the version you want to change it right now.

require: 1.1.14

Yii Web Programming Framework

require: 1.0.3

Extension library for Yiistrap, Yii Twitter's Bootstrap. New Version! (will also install YiiStrap).

About Yiinitializr

Yiinitializr is here to kick-start the development of your new Yii Web Framework projects. It generates projects boilerplates according to your needs and requirements.

We would like to personally thank Tobias Schmunk (Phundament) for his great ideas, his amazing work on Composer callbacks integration with Yii.

HTML5 Boilerplate

If you guys know Initializr, you probably figured out that the style of this page is nearly a clone of @verekia's excellent work.

Each one of the www sites within the templates, contains an HTML5 boilerplate (latest version). If you wish to change it, we highly recommend you to go to Initializr. The site makes it really easy for you.


Its an awesome dependency manager for PHP. Thanks to authors: Nils Adermann, Jordi Boggiano and many community contributions for such a great tools.

Full documentation of Composer is found at getcomposer.org.


Packagist.org is the main Composer repository. It aggregates all sorts of PHP packages that are installable with Composer.


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